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Bands ! send us your tape or CD. We'll play it !!!!!!
89.7    FM    WFLR

EVERY day is "Send, Receive and Transmit"

We receive what you send and we transmit it! Anything you want up to an hour in length. Record a show, an interview, your music, whatever. You can even invent a name for your "show", and send in your "show" on a regular basis!

All we ask is no profanity. Lyrics can slide to a point.

Your material will be played at least once in its entirity. We may use parts of it at other times to promote the airing of the show.

Cassette C-60 is preferred, but DAT, ADAT, CD, Vinyl, Reel can be used. If you need the material returned, too bad !!! No, send $7 for return shipping (or just copy it onto a C-60 cassette!)




89.7 FM Free Living Radio

POB 591

Howell MI 48844



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