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Welcome to a nightmare! (not really) We're glad you stopped by. We are seeking material for Volume 5 and 6 of Music*Sound, a compilation CD. These CD's are sent to the artists on the CD to be passed on at gigs as promos, or given to friends and realitives, thus a new audience is formed for the other artists on the CD. Also we have compiled a list of over 200 COLLEGE RADIO STATIONS that will be receiving the CDs. These are stations that will more than likely PLAY the CD (unlike the corporate owned money/rating hungry mega-stations who pitch anything that comes to them from non-monopoly record labels, independent labels or self released material) Your contact address will be inside the booklet as well as a small bio or notes on the band.

Formats acceptable are DAT, ADAT, CD, REEL-to-REEL, CASSETTE, and VINYL.

Material submitted WILL NOT BE JUDGED on content or style.

You will not be turned down. Therefore there will be a wide variety of style or type of material.

(but doesn't that make the music interesting?)

This project is designed for you to receive CD's in proportion to the amount of time purchased.

Time on the CD is $33 per minute ($.55 per second), with a minimum of $99

CD's will be distributed to you as 25 for every $100 of time purchased.

$99 (3 min song) will get you 25 CD's

$148.50 (4 min 30 sec song) will get you 37 CD's

additional CD's are available for $2 each


Time limit is 12 minutes per artist, but it can be as many pieces as you want (30 sec min). A bio may be included, but due to space limitations it may be edited (you will be notified)

Artists appearing on Volume 3 & 4

Blood Sledge Electric Death Chickens
Idiot Box
Animated Toyz
Rols Skobillard and The One Night Lovers
7th Hour
The Hip
Medusa Cyclone
Ghost World
Friendly Local Youth Band
Over the Edge
The Chirps
Lyrical Assassins
Annie Scram

Mood Swing City Records

PO BOX 591
Howell, MI 48844

Note: $12 ppd for Volume #3 & 4
(this will be refunded with a submission on Volume #5 or #6)


updated 4-24=8= 6-2=44= 9-13=139